“If there is a choice between 3 spreads, say aioli, tapenade and cheese, I will try them all lined up on the same piece of bread.”

Nice to meet you, I am Belinda. These are my three spreads at the moment. 
Firstly, I am a teacher at Communication and Multimedia Design and coordinator of the UX team in Utrecht. (https://cmdutrecht.nl )

Secondly, with Daan van Geijlswijk I developed the Design Kit, to help (students) get a grip on the nitty gritty design process (http://www.ontwerpkit.nl). 

Thirdly, the rest of the week I design and make bags at Macnas. That is Gaelic for playful, flirty, sensual. The name is a reference to my Irish roots. It is also a reference to what bags can do for a person. Falling in love with a bag and wanting to wear it, because you love it so much. That’s me spread out for you!

Belinda Werschkull
Utrecht, NL
CMD (HU) en Macnas.nl
Bag designer and Teacher/Team coordinator 
Check http://www.instagram.com/macnas.nl for more bags, pouches and other creations.